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Hi, I am Harry – A digital fanatic. An Digital Art Director, as many people like to put it. Only I like to stay a bit on the extremes – in precision, quality and results. I specialize in creative designing  and digital conceptualization. Now, this can be anything from designing a corporate identity, creating a webpage or developing a dynamic web application to social media applications for facebook  and twitter. But what I create aren’t just design or applications, but digital platforms that understand user engagement and fetch ROI. And that’s not all. 

Organizations often hire me for leading team projects in the Online field as well as collaborating with other specialists to ensure successful implementation of the projects.

Ok, but why HARRY3D?

Oh, that? That’s me, and my methodology I created to offer you a three-dimensional service. Something of a turnkey solution, so you don’t have to knock on several doors to complete one project, or even a couple of them. Here take a look.



Application Design & Development

UI/UX Design

Web Design & Development

Art Direction

You don’t believe in the force do you?

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When you say you need a ‘design’, it’s really a lot more than just a pretty design that you need. Which is why when I create something, I make sure it is really a workable strategy – a whole bunch of quality ideas, content and tools that understand your customer, interact with him and make it easy for him to reach you. It is not only uniquely different from the competing herd but is also easily manageable from your end. So, when I say I deliver effective designs, I mean result-oriented solutions. 

You don’t believe in the force do you?

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You don’t believe in the force do you?

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